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Does MAGGI® Contains Unhealthy Fat for Humans?

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“All MAGGI® products are committed to strict policies based on the World Health Organization (WHO) global policies on fat content. To ensure not exceeding the limit, the WHO recommends managing the amount of fat in the diet to less than 30 percent of the total daily energy intake.”

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Last but not least, we encourage you to always refer to our NESTLÉ® NUTRITIONAL COMPASS that can be found all of our packs and it will guide you with each nutrient value of each product and its recommended serving size.

Are Maggi SOUPS Unhealthy?

MAGGI® Soups are prepared by dehydrating vegetables exposing them to hot air and allowing them to dry a process that has been used for centuries in the Middle East to dry limes and dates. After dehydration, spices, salt, herbs and wheat for texture are added to the dried vegetables. In a similar process for Chicken Soups Halal slaughtered chicken meat is dehydrated and then added it to the rest of the ingredients. No preservatives are added to MAGGI® Soups thanks to the aluminium foil packaging that isolates the ingredients from external elements such as humidity and light two factors that allow bacteria to develop. This also protects the ingredients from colour fading so MAGGI® Soups do not just taste delicious, they even look delicious.

What is guar gum? As it is mentioned as an ingredient in MAGGI Noodles cheese flavor

Guar gum is a polysaccharide used in foods as stabilizers and to improve the texture of the product It is not from the animal source suitable for vegetarians.

What is MAGGI® Chicken Cube?

MAGGI® Chicken Stock is dehydrated broth with a mix of spices formed in a cube. It can be used in almost all dishes, giving the prepared dish a great aroma and rich flavour. It consists of chicken, salt, onion, cumin, turmeric, Black pepper cardamom and parsley.

MAGGI® Soups Salt Content

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We are pleased to inform you that over the past couple of years, MAGGI® Soups have been periodically decreasing its sodium content which is currently in compliance with the standards ensuring good taste and nutritional balance.

“A healthy adult is recommended to limit his daily salt intake to less than 5g of salt per day as per the latest World Health Organization recommendations for a healthy diet.”


1 sachet of MAGGI® Excellence Chicken Soup with Corn for example is used to prepare half a litre soup portion, which is intended to serve 2 people that is 1 serving=250 ml. A 250 ml of prepared MAGGI® Chicken Soup contains 0.7 g of sodium.

In addition it is important to note that different people have different salt thresholds, the ability to identify the salt taste. As a consequence, people may develop a tendency to prefer foods with lower concentrations of salt in case of a lower salt threshold.

We hope you continue enjoying our wide range of MAGGI® products.

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