All Natural Ingredients | Kitchen Cupboard | MAGGI® Arabia

We use only the most delicious part of the chicken, the
thigh and the breast, and nothing else.

Two pieces of fresh Chicken breast

No bones & skins

Great care is taken to balance the salt and fat contents in our products, so
as to comply with international dietary guidelines.
You don’t need to add extra.

Powdered salt in a bowl

Salt From Turkey

Grown the natural way, we make sure our vegetables don’t
lose their nutritional value by transporting them to our
factories in the shortest possible time.

A box of Tomato, Potato, Carrot, Onion, Capsicum

100% free from preservatives

These are the ingredients you know and love, found in your
kitchen cupboard. All we do is preserve them the natural
way for you to enjoy!

Spoon of red, yellow and brown spice's powder

From Germany and India
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