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10 Easy Recipes for A Grand Festive Feast

10 Easy Recipes for A Grand Festive Feast

By admin 08-January-2018

‘Tis the season to be jolly and enjoy large family gatherings as we come together to share the joy of the holidays. Large gatherings often mean a lot of time and effort preparing for your guests. From planning decorations to preparing sumptuous meals, we work extra hard to make sure everything is just perfect. But spending almost an entire day in the kitchen preparing the perfect meal is definitely not our idea of festive fun, so we’ve put together these simple yet elegant dishes worthy of the fanciest festive banquet. And the best part? They are super easy to prepare! Now, while turkey may be the star of this particular holiday season, we all know how lengthy and tedious the task of cooking the perfect turkey can be. So, if your family members don’t go crazy for turkey, we’re almost sure they’ll go nuts over these mouthwatering dishes.


1. Honey Roasted Orange Chicken

The closest thing to turkey? Chicken of course! And nothing says winter holidays like a beautifully honey roasted orange chicken with an Asian twist. Not the simplest recipe, but definitely an improvement on any turkey dish!

Get the full details of this tasty Honey Roasted Orange Chicken recipe here.


2. Roasted Chicken Stuffed with Harees

If grilling is the last thing you want to do during the holidays, then why not try this deliciously golden roasted chicken stuffed with harees. You’ll need to soak the harees beforehand, but otherwise this recipe can be prepared in a few easy steps and left in the oven to cook as you proceed with the rest of your holiday preparations.

Get the full Roasted Chicken Stuffed with Harees recipe here.


3. Dibis Ramman Chicken and Freeke Stuffing

If you really want to get fancy, and prepare something a little more unique, then you must try this roasted chicken glazed with dibis ramman (pomegranate molasses) and stuffed with super healthy freeke. A drool-worthy main dish that is sure to impress.

Check out the full recipe for this perfectly glazed Dibis Ramman Chicken and Freeke Stuffing dish here.


4. Oven Baked Rice with Lamb and Cauliflower

If poultry is not your thing, then you can always try something more traditional, like this oven baked rice with lamb dish. Prepared with eggplant and cauliflower this baked Levantine dish is an absolute delight for the senses.

Get the full details of this tasty Oven Baked Rice with Lamb and Cauliflowerrecipe here.


5. Herbed Prime Rib Roast Recipe

Want to try something a little more fancy? How about a beautifully tender Herbed Prime Rib Roast? Cooked to perfection in less than an hour, this incredibly aromatic dish requires only 3 ingredients and less than 15 minutes of preparation! The secret? MAGGI®’s extra aromatic Coriander and Garlic Mix.

Check out the details of this fancy Herbed Prime Rib Roast on this link.


6. Roasted Lamb in Red Sauce

Another fancy dish inspired by French cuisine, this roasted lamb in red sauce is to die for! While still very simple, this dish requires quite some time to prepare but the good news is it requires very little effort from you. You’ll need to marinate the lamb overnight, and then simply pop it in the oven for a few hours until completely tender. So basically, your fridge and oven are doing all the work while you enjoy the festivities. What could be better?!

Get the full recipe for this tender Roasted Lamb in Red Sauce here.


7. Smokey BBQ Meat Loaf

An American staple with a unique twist, this smokey bbq meatloaf is an easy win for any busy woman. It only takes 15 minutes to prepare in 3 easy steps. Now that’s what we call smart cooking!

Take a look at the step-by-step preparation instructions of this mouthwatering Smokey BBQ Meat Loaf recipe on this link


8. Mixed Seafood with Cilantro Cream

This brings us to seafood, and this flavorful bisque made with rich cream, fresh cilantro and a mix of your favorite seafood. Ready in 4 easy steps, this mouthwatering dish is made easy with MAGGI® Béchamel Mix and is bound to win everyone over!

More details of this deliciously aromatic Mixed Seafood with Cilantro Cream recipe on this link.


9. Pomfret with Tomato and Cardamom Sauce

This gorgeous looking dish can be ready in 30 minutes, simply sauté the chicory, prepare the sauce and quickly pan grill your fish. A delicious and light meal for everyone to enjoy.

Get the full Pomfret with Tomato and Cardamom Sauce recipe here.


10. Pan Seared fish with Pine Seeds

A ridiculously quick and easy dish to prepare, that is perfect for those last minute preparations. You will never believe something so delicious can take only 20 minutes to prepare! And for that extra bit of rich flavor, make sure you crumble a cube of MAGGI®’s new Chicken stock with natural herbs.

Get the full Pan Seared Fish with Pine Seeds recipe here.


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