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10 Simple Pasta Recipes That Will Have Your Guests Drooling

10 Simple Pasta Recipes That Will Have Your Guests Drooling

By admin 06-September-2018

Yes, we’re talking about good old pasta. But we’re going to be presenting it in new and creative ways for you and your guests to enjoy! These innovative recipes will enrich your meals with fantastic new flavours to suit all tastes. Whether your guests love cheese, meat, chicken or fish, or are simply vegetarian, they will delight in the taste and appetising presentation of these simple and easy recipes. And now we leave you with these tasty creations.


1. Rigatoni Béchamel Pie

Delight your guests with this deliciously unique pasta dish that looks like a cake when served! Check out the recipe here.


2. Taco Lasagna

Paprika, cocoa, cinnamon, cumin, garlic, chili, pepper… and more subtle touches that make this dish special. Get the recipe here.


3. Mac & Cheeseburger

Bored of serving the same ordinary burger time and again? Want to treat your guests to something special? Delight them with this “Pasta” meets “Burger” recipe that will have them coming back for more! Get it here.


4. Mubakbaka with Kabsa Spices

This delicious Italian dish with a twist of Arabian flavours and simple ingredients will surely impress! Get the recipe here


5. Pasta Primavera

Those who don’t think much of meatless pasta will have to think again when they try this vegetarian dish. Give it a try, check out the recipe here.


6. Eggplant Lasagna

This delectable meatless lasagna with creamy eggplant, is a simple recipe for vegetarians looking to add some protein to their meal. For those who love eggplant, a simple and tasty recipe: eggplant lasagna without beef or chicken. Get the full recipe here.


7. Braised Beef Lasagna Sheets

Mouth-watering layers of béchamel sauce and ground beef with tomato gravy make this an irresistible pasta dish. Get the recipe here


8. Penne with Salmon Au Gratin

A seafood lover’s dream! Impress your guests with a fancy meal in under an hour with this simple recipe. Get the recipe here


9. Fettuccini with Chicken and Broccoli Gratin

Broccoli and pasta have always been best buddies. Now that you will adorn them with cream and cheddar cheese, get ready for new rounds of wonderful flavour. Get the recipe here


10. Tex Mex Chili Pasta

Prepare this Mexican, delightfully easy and hot recipe for hot-headed spice fans and win their hearts. Get the recipe here

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