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5 hacks to stay healthy this Ramadan

5 hacks to stay healthy this Ramadan

By admin 16-May-2018

Ramadan 2019 is about to commence with a spiritual zeal across the country. Follow these 5 hacks to ensure optimum fitness and health during this Ramadan fasting season.


1. Oven Baked Maglouba

We all know how much oil it takes to prepare Maglouba specially when frying all the veggies. This Ramadan we invite you to try our Oven Baked Maglouba recipe that calls for only a few drops of oil without compromising the taste.

Get the Oven Baked Maglouba recipe here.


2. Moghrabiye

Ghee and butter are 2 essential ingredients to prepare this traditional dish. But have you ever thought to replace these with just oil to make it healthier? Give our recipe a try, it’s worth it!

Get the Moghrabiye recipe here


3. Chicken Biryani

To get a healthy biryani out of the traditional recipe, all you have to do is to opt for skinless chicken breasts. Our recipe is a must try!

Get the Chicken Biryani recipe here.


4. Roasted Beetroot and Lentils Salad

Adding legumes such as chickpeas, beans and lentils to your salads make them more filling in a healthy way. Try our Roasted Beetroot and Lentils Salad packed with all the nutrients you need during Iftar.

Get the full Roasted Beetroot and Lentils Salad recipe here.


5. Green Risotto

Preparing risotto usually calls for adding cheese. When opting for a healthier version, we recommend using lesser quantities of cheese and preferably opt for the fat free cheeses.

Get the full Green Risotto recipe here.

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