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6 Tips That Save You Precious Time in the Kitchen

6 Tips That Save You Precious Time in the Kitchen

By admin 12-June-2017

How much time do you spend in the kitchen? Between preparing 3 meals a day and cleaning-up you’re probably in there 6 hours-a-day! Here are a few tips to get you out of the kitchen quicker and on to other things.

1. Fast forward the cooking time for meats by adding a carbonated drink: yes, just 2 tablespoons of 7up or the likes added during boiling, will make your meats cook quicker.

2. Fill up that freezer! When preparing time-consuming dishes like kibbeh balls or samosas for example, make double or more and freeze the rest. These frozen goodies will come in handy on those days where you’re low on time and energy and need to prepare a healthy meal in a jiffy.


3. Cut meats into smaller pieces: larger pieces take longer to cook, so keep your pieces bite-sized.


4. Use frozen veggies: Instead of spending time washing, peeling and cutting vegetables, save time by using high-quality frozen veggies, where possible. Don’t worry, you wouldn’t be compromising on nutrition as frozen veggies retain their nutritional value and freshness.


5. Keep it clean! Line your baking trays with aluminum foil topped with baking paper before adding your ingredients, this way you keep your trays clean and save yourself loads of scrubbing time.


6. Use ready-made soups and mixes: for healthy, tasty dishes in less time!

And now, what say you to a warm cup of tea or coffee while you think of ways to spend all that time that you saved!

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