Get the Kids Involved in Iftar Preparations with These Fun Recipes

Get the Kids Involved in Iftar Preparations with These Fun Recipes

By admin 26-March-2018

Cooking Iftar is a time-consuming process, but that doesn’t have to be time you spend away from your children. You can still keep the little ones busy, develop their skills and stay close to them by getting them involved in the kitchen. Having them help you prepare Iftar is a great opportunity for bonding. You’ll be able to keep an eye on them, share in the fun while they help you with tasks and turn your time in the kitchen into a great mom-and-me activity. All you need is the right recipes, so here are 5 delicious recipes suggestions you can prepare with your children.

1. Smoked Eggplant Meatballs in Tomato Sauce

This is an unquestionably delicious meal you can confidently serve to your family and guests. The little ones can participate by mixing the meat in a bowl with all the other ingredients, shaping the meatballs and arranging them in the plate. You can serve this dish with white rice or pita bread. Add a few appetizers to that, and you’ll have a finger-licking variety on the Iftar table.

Get the Smoked Eggplant Meatballs in Tomato Sauce recipe here!

2. Chicken Cheese Rolls with Mustard and Mint Sauce

This is without doubt one of the most delicious and loved Western dishes, and an easy recipe your kids can help with. You can have them grate the cheese and roll the rolls. It’ll definitely make them happy to see how it all turns out when the dish is ready.

Get the Chicken Cheese Rolls with Mustard and Mint Sauce recipe here!

3. Baby Zucchini and Chicken Gratin

This dish is rich in protein and carbs, nutrients that are important for your children’s growth and development. It’s also fun to cook, and your kids will have a lot of fun taking part in the process by coring the zucchini into boat shapes, adding parsley and black olives, then mashing the tomatoes. It’ll be even more fun eating the dish once it’s ready (they did participate in making it after all).

Get the Baby Zucchini and Chicken Gratin recipe here!

4. Vegetable Pasta

Kids love pasta, that’s a given, so why not serve it up with enhancements by adding vegetables for more fiber and lots of healthy vitamins? This delicious recipe contains broccoli florets (fantastically healthy and nutritious), green onions, white mushrooms, and ground fresh parsley. You can ask your children for help in separating the broccoli florets and washing the veggies. To make this even more fun, you can use butterfly-shaped pasta.

Get the Vegetable Pasta recipe here!

5. Musakhan Fatteh

An authentic Palestinian dish with a twist: add chicken fillet and serve this filling hearty dish to your loved ones for Iftar or Suhour. Your children can help by tearing the pita bread, and mixing the yogurt and tahini. They will be proud to serve their handy work at the table.

Get the Musakhan Fatteh recipe here!

6. Marinated Chicken with Honey and Balsamic

This is a light and healthy meal your children will enjoy preparing with you. Assign them the tasks of washing the vegetables before grilling, peeling the garlic before mashing, adding the marinade, and finally arranging the chicken cubes on the wooden skewers.

Get the Marinated Chicken with Honey and Balsamic recipe here!

7. Veal Rolls with Vegetables and Ricotta Cheese

Your children can have a lot of fun preparing this unique recipe. They can help spread the ricotta cheese evenly over the slices of beef, add then carefully place the spinach leaves the carrots and peppers in the center before they attempt to roll. If rolling doesn’t really work out, they can help with sticking toothpicks in your rolls to keep everything in place.

Get the Veal Rolls with Vegetables and Ricotta Cheese recipe here!

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