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Healthy Ramadan Suhoor Recipes from your Iftar’s Leftovers

Healthy Ramadan Suhoor Recipes from your Iftar’s Leftovers

By admin 16-May-2018

You find yourself with a lot of iftar leftover, here are some recipes on how to wisely repurpose your lefrovers. Lets not forget its healthy and easy to prepare.

But what if we told you that we have the perfect solution that will help you create balanced suhoors with less effort? Yes, you heard right. The key is to avoid starting from scratch every time!

We all have lots of leftovers from every day’s iftars, and leftovers can help prepare delicious & healthy suhoor meals in no time; just remember that you need to plan your iftar and suhoor meals ahead of time.


1. Crust-less Shakshooka

You still have some pizza sauce, vegetables and cheese from your last iftar’s pizza, but you ran out of dough? Cook them with eggs to prepare a delicious crust-less shakshooka Pizza for your next day’s suhoor. The result is definitely worth trying, and the prep time is cut to more than half!

Get the crust-less shakshooka Pizza recipe here.


2. Quinoa Chicken Skillet with Garden Vegetables

Leftover grilled chicken is very versatile. You can top your Caesar or avocado salad with it, or you can use it to prepare this delicious quinoa, chicken and vegetables skillet for a filling suhoor. Follow the exact same steps and omit the chicken part. Add the leftover chicken once ready and enjoy!

Get the Quinoa Chicken Skillet with Garden Vegetables recipe here


3. Zucchini & Kale Frittata

If you prepared stuffed zucchini and you’re stuck with the flesh, here’s a great way to use it to prepare a healthy Suhoor! This recipe is worth trying, not only because it is easy to prepare, but since it has a rich and creamy texture that will make your family always ask for more!

Get the Zucchini & Kale Frittata recipe here


4. Mediterranean Stuffed Squash

Keep it light! Avoid dished with rice, and use freekeh instead. Freekeh is healthy, rich in fiber and protein (two times the protein in brown rice), and is very easy to prepare. We highly recommend this rich and nutritious recipe for Suhoor. Just give it a try!

Get the full Mediterranean Stuffed Squash recipe here.

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