Light Recipes for a Waistline Friendly Iftar

Light Recipes for a Waistline Friendly Iftar

By admin 26-March-2018

What precious moments await us as family and friends gather around the Iftar table, and moments after the Maghreb call to prayer the room is filled laughter and the endearing clink and clank of cutlery. For these priceless occasions every woman and housewife strives to offer the richest and most appetizing dishes, but how does one manage to stay fit during the holy month? Well, the trick is in moderation. For example, we recommend that you substitute high-fat and high-calorie dishes for ones with a more balanced nutritional profile. Consider cooking healthy meals that appeal to your family and guests without leaving them stuffed and overfed, especially after the long hours of fasting.

Here are a few recipes for a light and healthy Iftar table.

1. Thai Soup

It goes without saying that a delightful Ramadan Iftar starts with soup. If you prefer to stay away from the familiar soups everyone knows by heart, here’s a little something you can surprise your family and guests with: light, healthy and won’t leave them feeling full.

Get the Thai Soup recipe here!

2. Mediterranean Stuffed Squash

This is a succulent combination of vegetables, quinoa, cheese and MAGGI Chicken Stock Try this recipe for a great addition to the healthy dishes you serve at your Iftar table.

Get the Mediterranean Stuffed Pumpkin recipe here!

3. Light Fish Sayadieh

Looking for a healthy dish to serve for Iftar? Here’s a recipe for grilled fish fillet that won’t be a setback to your diet. Try it and impress your guests with its exquisite taste. You can also use whole grain rice instead of white rice to boost this dish’s fiber content and reduce those simple carbs.

Get the Light Fish Sayadieh recipe here!

4. Chicken with Prunes

Get creative and ditch your traditional chicken recipe for this healthy alternative. We’ve taken chicken to a whole new level with prunes, adding a touch of sweetness to the dish. It doesn’t hurt that prunes are great for digestion. Trust us your guests will love this one.

Get the Chicken with Prunes recipe here!

5. Shekriyah

A delicious and budget-friendly dish adapted from Syrian cuisine. It is a yoghurt-based dish that you can cook with beef, lamb or chicken. Serve it with salad or Arabic-style whole grain rice.

Get the Shekriyah recipe here!

6. Lemon-Pepper Caesar Wrap

Yet another light meal you can have right after soup. It’s easy to prepare and low on calories. Get creative with the fresh vegetables, or swap the tortilla wrap with lettuce leaves to get rid of the extra carbs. You can also add more fiber with slices of grilled vegetables, such as sweet potato.

Get the Lemon Pepper Caesar Wrap recipe here!

7. Curry Flavoured Rice with Chicken & Pineapple

This is a unique recipe inspired by Thai cuisine. It is a perfect balance of sweet and sour which makes it a light and fitness-friendly dish. Pineapple will help with digestion for it is rich in fiber and vitamin C. You can use whole grain rice to add yet more fiber and reduce the amount of simple carbs in this dish.

Get the Curry Flavoured Rice with Chicken & Pineapple recipe here!

A delicious Iftar isn’t just about a variety of savoury dishes, dessert is just as important as the main meal if not more irresistible. But since dessert is usually rich in fats and sugar, you’re likely to face a hard choice between wanting to indulge in a treat, and possibly adding on those pounds.

Play it smart. With Nestlé, you won’t have to worry about your fitness or your family’s health. Explore a variety of desserts and learn how to prepare healthy and delicious treats by visiting our dessert portal here!

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