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Make Pumpkin the Star of Your Halloween Table with These Delicious Recipes

Make Pumpkin the Star of Your Halloween Table with These Delicious Recipes

By admin 19-October-2017

It’s almost Halloween! With the weather starting to cool down and the foliage taking on the stunning shades of fall, new veggies are in season adding more variety to your comforting fall meals. One of our favorite vegetables to come out this season is an incredible powerhouse of health benefits. It is rich in protein and fiber, as well as vitamins and minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus. Even though its flavour is often described as sweet, pumpkin actually helps lower blood glucose level, as well as control blood pressure. All these benefits and more are exactly why we think you should include this amazing vegetable in your recipes, starting with these delicious favorites we know you will love!


1. Curried Pumpkin Coconut Soup

Let’s travel together to India, to enjoy this incredibly creamy Curried Pumpkin Coconut Soup, that is the perfect mix of great flavour, incredible health benefits and is really quick to prepare. All you’ll need to prepare this comforting bowl of goodness is one sachet of MAGGI® Excellence Pumpkin Soup. Serve to your loved ones with your special touch of creativity.

Get the full Curried Pumpkin Coconut Soup recipe on this link.


2. Curry Pumpkin Soup with Chickpeas

As we continue our journey through India, we bring you this wonderfully filling soup recipe, featuring simple yet flavourful ingredients your family will love. To prepare this recipe, all you have to do is add one sachet of MAGGI® Excellence Pumpkin Soup to the remaining ingredients as per the cooking instructions, to enjoy a unique flavour that shows off your cooking skills.

Check out the full Curry Pumpkin Soup with Chickpeas recipe on this link.


3. Thai Style Chicken and Pumpkin Soup

Next, we head to South East Asia, to Thailand to be exact, with this delicious pumpkin and chicken soup, with its simple yet healthy ingredients, and a unique flavour we simply cannot resist! This recipe includes tender slices of chicken fillet with sweet basil, green onions, pumpkin cubes, one sachet of MAGGI® Cream of Chicken Soup, MAGGI® coconut milk powder and a few other ingredients that come together perfectly in this delightfully different dish.

More about this Thai Style Chicken and Pumpkin Soup on this link.


4. Pumpkin Majboos

Majboos is one of those incredible Khaleeji Emirati dishes we just can’t get enough of. This time around we’re using pumpkin to add another layer of fantastic flavour and a whole lot of health benefits to boot. All you’ll need to do is clean the pumpkin and remove its seeds then place it in the oven to bake for 15 mins. In the meantime, prepare the Majboos rice mix which you will use to stuff the pumpkin. Leave the stuffed pumpkin in the oven for 30 to 40 mins. Bon appetit!

More details on this mouthwatering Pumpkin Majboos recipe on this link.


5. Mushrooms and Pumpkin Risotto

To prepare this flavourful Mushrooms and Pumpkin Risotto you’ll need pumpkin cubes, garlic, rice, MAGGI® Chicken Bouillon Less Salt cubes, onions, olive oil, fresh parsley and a handful of Parmesan cheese. With a few simple steps mix all of the ingredients to prepare a meal that is rich in flavour that will make you stand out as a great cook, with a little help from MAGGI®.

Check out the full recipe for this Mushrooms and Pumpkin Risotto on this link.


6. Beef Tagine with Pumpkin and Quince

An incredibly tasty and rich Mediterranean dish prepared with beef shanks cooked in a pot with onions, garlic, spices, cinnamon, saffron and water with 2 cubes of MAGGI® Chicken Bouillon Less Salt. Cover the pot and simmer for an hour and a half on low heat or until the meat is tender. Add the remaining ingredients and simmer until fully cooked to end up with an amazing tagine dish for your family to enjoy. Serve with a generous serving of couscous.

Check out the full details of this Beef Tagine with Pumpkin and Quince on this link.


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