New and Yummy Meals to Pack in your Kid’s Lunchbox

New and Yummy Meals to Pack in your Kid’s Lunchbox

By admin 09-October-2018

Do you tend to prepare the same recipes for your kids’ lunchbox? Get out of the box this year; choose from the below list the healthy recipes that appeal to your little ones and give them a try. You will be surprised by your kids’ positive reaction towards your new choices!

1. Burger Pops:

What would your child think if he opens his lunchbox to find some delicious burgers in it? We invite you today to try our exquisite recipe prepared in small rolls, a convenient meal to your children.

Get the burger pops recipe here.

2. Chicken and Vegetable Sambousek:

Adding vegetables explicitly to your kids’ meals is now possible when preparing this unbeatable stuffing of sambousek! Pack these little pastries in your kids’ lunchbox; they’ll definitely appreciate them.

Get the chicken and vegetable sambousek recipe here.

3. Kabsa Rice Cake:

All you need is some time and simple ingredients, all found in your kitchen pantry, to prepare this new version of kabsa rice. It’s not only new but also yummy and suitable for your kids’ lunchbox. Give it a try!

Get the kabsa rice cake recipe here.

4. Safiha Cheeseburger:

The fusion of the Lebanese traditional safiha with the authentic taste of the cheeseburger makes this recipe the perfect choice for your kid’s lunchbox. It’s definitely a must-try recipe!

Get the safiha cheeseburger recipe here.

5. Potato Shawarma Croquette:

Give your mashed potatoes an exquisite twist by simply sprinkling Maggi Shawarma Mix to the batter. Proceed with the breading and bake over 1900C until crispy from the outside. The recipe is worth trying!

Get the potato shawarma croquette here.

6. Cheeseburger Twisters:

This recipe is not only appealing to the eye of your kids but it’s also full with delicious flavors that will make them ask for more. A perfect recipe for lunchbox that is ready in no time. Give it a try!

Get the cheeseburger twisters recipe here.


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