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Upgrade your Iftar soups with our healthy twists

Upgrade your Iftar soups with our healthy twists

By admin 16-May-2018

Upgrade your soup game for Iftar. We got the secret sauce to help you get iftar on the table without too much work and let's not forget it is healthier.


1. Lemon chicken orzo soup

Opting for chicken breast along with carrots to prepare this recipe is what makes it healthier and delicious in its own way; but what makes even more appealing is the orzo pasta you add to it. Give it a try this Ramadan!

Get the Lemon chicken orzo soup recipe here.


2. Mushroom tiramisoup

Preparing our upgraded mushroom soup is super easy and serving it is as delicious as its name! The mascarpone cheese adds to the soup a creamy texture and the crackers add an exquisite taste that will keep everyone asking for more.

Get the Mushroom tiramisoup recipe here


3. Chicken and pasta soup

Have you ever replaced rice with pasta while preparing a traditional chicken soup? The delicious result is definitely worth trying! Here’s a super easy way to prepare it and serve it this Ramadan to your family and friends!

Get the Chicken and pasta soup recipe here


4. Creamy cauliflower soup with mint and pesto

Serving a traditional vegetable soup on your Iftar table might be a good choice; but upgrading to our exquisite creamy cauliflower soup is a must try! The mint pesto mixture gives this recipe its authentic and delicious taste.

Get the full Creamy cauliflower soup with mint and pesto recipe here.

For additional soup recipes click here.

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