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New Healthy Recipe Ideas Your Kids will Love

New Healthy Recipe Ideas Your Kids will Love

Whether you’re looking for healthy recipes to increase your kids’ appetite or to add a new twist to your day-to-day cooking, we’ve got you covered! Check our well-chosen list of recipes below.

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10 ways to get your kids to love eating vegetables

10 ways to get your kids  to love eating vegetables

Vegetables have plenty of benefits for children. They are a rich source of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. But here’s every mother’s big question: How do you get your kids to love eating vegetables?

Here are 10 ideas to get your kids to snap up those greens:

  • 1) Take kids to the supermarket with you to pick vegetables.
  • 2) Pair vegetable bites with delicious dips. Like cucumber strips with labneh, hummus or avocado dips.
  • 3) Create occasions for vegetables and celebrate each one with your kids.
  • 4) Let them pick between two colored vegetables or even both. You’ll be surprised with their choice.
  • 5) Lead by example and eat vegetables together.
  • 6) Hide vegetables in meatballs or vegetable pies with béchamel sauce or red pasta sauce.
  • 7) Let them help you prepare food so they can enjoy eating what they created.
  • 8) Encourage them to decorate their meals with fun vegetable shapes, letters and faces.
  • 9) Turn vegetables and fruits into fresh juices or delicious smoothies like cranberry and banana with milk or yogurt.

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