MAGGI® Mixes, Soups, Noodles, Bouillon & Excellence Soups | MAGGI® Arabia

From the heart of nature straight to your kitchen cupboard, MAGGI brings you delicious, easy-to-prepare, innovative products that help you cook an array of dishes you and your family will love. With everything from healthy soups, meal dishes and appetizers you need every day, our range of absolute delights are nutrition-packed and made from natural spices and herbs. Cook any dish you love with a MAGGI product and let’s make a difference.

MAGGI® Mixes

A range of mixes from Maggi full of fresh spices to add an instant wonder to your food. Free from added preservatives and MSG, these mixes are healthy and yummy!

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MAGGI® Excellence Soups

Maggi Excellence Soups are lush, creamy and piled with chunky veggies and meat. An absolute delight in a bowl that calls for an indulgent date night!

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MAGGI® Bouillon

Add flavour to your dishes in a jiffy with the range of delicious bouillons from Maggi. A winner with your soups, stews, meats and casseroles!

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MAGGI® Soups

Packed with hearty veggies and delicate flavours, Maggi soups can be enjoyed as a snack or as an entire meal. Filling, delicious and healthy!

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MAGGI® Noodles

One can never go wrong with these effortlessly tasty Maggi Noodles. A range of noodles that will always have you coming back for more!

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